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Order of the President of the First Chamber of the Court of 19 May 1989.

Luis G. Caturla Poch v European Parliament.

C-107/89 • ECLI:EU:C:1989:208 • 61989CO0107

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Luis G. Caturla Poch v European Parliament.

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Application for interim measures - Conditions for granting - Applicant' s interest in obtaining the measure sought

( Rules of Procedure, Act . 83(2 ) )


An applicant can establish no interest in obtaining, by means of an application for interim relief, the suspension of the announcement of the results of the marking of qualifications and written tests in an examination in which he has taken part, in order to enable the Selection Board to take account of the certificates which he had in vain requested the appointing authority to draw up, where it is established that he succeeded in the stage of the competition involving the marking of qualifications but failed at a later stage, namely that of the oral examination .


In Case 107/89 R

Luis G . Caturla-Poch, official of the European Parliament, represent by B . Moutrier, avocat-avoué, whose Chambers are at 16 avenue de la Porte-Neuve, Luxembourg, with an address for service at the said Chambers,



European Parliament, represented by Pasetti Bombardella, jurisconsult, and by M Peter, Head of Division in its Legal Department, acting as Agents, with an address for service in Luxembourg at its General Secretariat,


APPLICATION for the suspension, by way of interim relief, of the announcement of the results of the marking of qualifications and written tests in Open Competition 88/C 114/06, on the basis of qualifications and written tests, organized by the European Parliament with a view to filling a post of Language Adviser - Spanish language ( Official Journal C 114, 30.4.1988, p . 19 ),

The President of the First Chamber,

acting pursuant to Articles 9(4 ) and 96 of the Rules of Procedure,

( the grounds of the order are not reproduced )

hereby orders :

Operative part

( 1 ) The application for interim measures is dismissed .

( 2 ) The costs are reserved .

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